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W," a Pentecostal, "middle aged colored woman" who had moved to Philadelphia, like so many other African Americans, as part of the Great Migration. It is a telling exclusion since Mrs. W was likely more representative of fellow migrants than many of the African Americans Fauset tube de dentifrice site rencontre to include.

W's story must have site de rencontre machecoul the story of many. In Virginia she had been a Baptist, but when confronted with one of the most notable vices the city made visible, she joined a local Pentecostal congregation for help and comfort.

As Mrs. W explained: I knew I needed something, but I didn't know just what.

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I looked outside my house one day and there were some men gambling on tube de dentifrice site rencontre doorstep. I never had seen anything like that before and I couldn't get over it.

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I said to myself, 'Oh, if only I had more power, I could keep men from gambling like that! Her faith, which had seemed adequate to her before, now was not.

I know I am. I'm tube de dentifrice site rencontre a clean life in these times.

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But I need more power. When Fauset recorded Mrs.

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W's memories before World War II, he knew that this increasingly intense wave of black migrants from the South had sparked an "adjustment of mental attitudes to new mores" and inaugurated a "transformation in the basic religious life" of black Americans. And Fauset's text served to present evocative portraits of these novel expressions of black religious life, which had adapted to the "sensationalism" of urban life and the "arduousness and bitter realities of race" even while established Baptist and Methodist churches with their "prayerful procrastinations, " in Reid's estimation, had not.

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W, hover just beyond the scope of Fauset's published text and consider how they helped remake the very contours of black religious life. In so doing, it tube de dentifrice site rencontre the history of black religious culture in the early decades of the twentieth century with Pentecostals at its center-bridging the proper forms of institutional religion with those new forms just emerging.

While Judith Weisenfeld has argued that recent work on the interwar period has "tend[ed] to downplay or eradicate" the links new religious traditions had with established cultural forms, my focus on Fauset's missing Pentecostals represents one attempt to consider what she has called the unexamined "connection between the urban 'sects' and 'cults' and African American Protestant traditions.

Barbara Savage in her recent introduction to Black Gods argued that Fauset rejected the "lead of other scholars"-principally prominent black social scientists and intellectuals of the era-when he excluded small Pentecostal churches from the charged category of "cults. Instead, by including the highly visible Pentecostal congregation of Bishop Ida Robinson, he suggested that the category was more complicated than others had presumed.

In Ida Robinson, a migrant born in Georgia and reared in Florida, founded a confederation of churches, in part to preserve women's right to ordination that she saw threatened within the United Holy Church, a Pentecostal denomination with origins in North Carolina that had originally ordained her to preach a few years before.

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In the "comparative study" that comprises the seventh chapter of Black Gods, Mount Sinai and Tube de dentifrice site rencontre Grace's Tube de dentifrice site rencontre House of Prayer are the groups that most conform to his imagined mainstream. For Fauset, both of these groups represent "doctrinal splits within the older established models," which later establish "developments" that would set the context for the "pronounced 'nationalistic' characteristics" of the other groups he describes.

W establishes an additional link between the mainstream and the esoteric. While he describes glossolalia and rhythmic music as important "deviations" from the "orthodox evangelical pattern," what really distinguishes Ida Robinson and for that matter Daddy Grace most decisively from the mainstream and from Mrs.

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W's own band of sanctified believers is the prime "importance" followers ascribe to their "leader. As he writes in his portrait of Robinson's Philadelphia congregation: Tube de dentifrice site rencontre is distinctive among the cults considered here tube de dentifrice site rencontre the extent and degree of female participation. Many of the elders are women, as are also a larger number of the preachers. W's excluded story is viewed against Robinson's story, what is illuminated initially is the role black women assumed as increasingly visible religious leaders in the early decades of the twentieth century.

Between these stories, both within the published work and without, Arthur Fauset provides a clear window into how black women grappled for the right to assert their own spiritual authority as black migrants and, unsatisfied with the choices immediately available, attached themselves to tube de dentifrice site rencontre religious communities.

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From this point of departure, this chapter will examine the connection between Mrs. W's fellowship and Mount Sinai's as a context for understanding the new contours of a black religious culture that remade old tropes of respectability and reconceived the very nature of religious community. W was that Robinson openly exercised spiritual power as a minister in the public square. Rooted in black Holiness and Pentecostal traditions, she was a "church mother" who represented, initiated, and tube de dentifrice site rencontre in broad changes in black religious culture that embraced both the "cults" on the margins and the larger milieu of black Protestantism.

In ways that both realized and extended far beyond Fauset's initial musings about the religious transformation then occurring, these "church mothers" shaped the ordinary religious lives and dreams of black people in the United States. While many studies in recent years have focused on black Pentecostal women as gospel singers and prominent church workers, planters, and builders, Fauset's work implicitly suggests that it is black women's emergence into the public square that best defines black Pentecostalism's flowering in those early years.

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